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TOW Documentary
The Icons of St. Michael Orthodox Church
Featuring Iconographer Dom Joseph marie, 18 min

Twenty years of practice, ten years to complete. The icons of St. Michael represent the iconographer Dom. Joseph Marie's last major work. This video is a celebration of a beautiful church. It is also an opportunity for Dom Joseph to elaborate on the meaning and symbolism behind his work.

The Orthodox West
A Film by Adam Lowell Roberts, 40 min

Follow three men on their journey to becoming western rite priests in the Orthodox Christian Church. This is part one in a three-part series.

A Film by Adam Lowell Roberts, 45 min

In part 2 of The Orthodox West series, Fr. Patrick Cardine travels to a monastery deep in the Colorado Rockies colloquially known as Ladyminster. He has a parishioner interested in joining the monastery as a monk, but we know that not all monasteries are either stable or sane. Learn more at

Antiochian Archdiocese Convention 2019: Western Rite
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