With Fr. Patrick Cardine 

The Latin word lōrīca originally meant “armor” or “breastplate.” The title is taken from St. Patrick’s Breastplate, written in 433 A.D.

Lorica Podcat

Episode 84 - He hid in flesh among us

December 26, 2019

Length 16:01

This is the irony of it. The immaterial God who cannot be seen has made himself known by becoming a man. In olden times he manifest himself in fire, smoke, or a burning bush, He hid in the rock and behind a thick curtain. But now he comes and is, Jesus of Nazareth, Mary’s boy. And yet- while He makes himself so very accessible and vulnerable he becomes more hidden. His manifestation in the flesh becomes a cloak. He takes form and in so doing becomes to many imperceptible.