With Fr. Patrick Cardine 

The Latin word lōrīca originally meant “armor” or “breastplate.” The title is taken from St. Patrick’s Breastplate, written in 433 A.D.

Lorica Podcat

Episode 63 - God's power is mercy and pity

August 26, 2019

Length 16:47

God’s Almighty power is displayed chiefly in showing mercy and pity. The power of God which transforms all, which brings something out of nothing, which brings the world into existence and your little life into existence, which creates light out of darkness, which brings beauty and goodness out of your own darkness, your own ugliness and sin, which goes into death and thru His embrace of our suffering and death subjecting himself to it he overcomes it’s power and destroys it, all of this is accomplished not by a sheer overwhelming force of raw power, a simple strength which is stronger than the one opposing Him, no his power is Love, is humility, is his own sacrifice for us. His power is shown chiefly in His mercy and pity for us.